Scentwork Classes for Beginners in Edinburgh

Unlock Your Dog’s Potential with Scentwork Classes: Engage Their Mind, Enhance Their Confidence, and Strengthen Your Bond.

Scentwork, also known as nosework or scent detection training, is highly beneficial for dogs for several reasons:

Mental Stimulation: Scentwork engages dogs’ brains, offering mental enrichment and tiring them more effectively than physical exercise by solving scent-based problems.

Instinctual Fulfilment: Leveraging their keen sense of smell, scentwork satisfies dogs’ natural instincts and improves their performance in other disciplines.

Build Confidence: Finding scents boosts dogs’ confidence, improving their abilities and positively affecting their overall behaviour and demeanour.

Bonding and Communication: These activities strengthen the bond between you and your dog, improving teamwork and communication, fostering trust and cooperation.

Physical Exercise: Although focused on mental challenges, scentwork also involves physical activity, especially when navigating obstacles, contributing to overall well-being.

Reduce Problem Behaviors: Scentwork redirects energy into positive activities, helping curb issues like excessive barking, chewing, or digging.

Overall, scentwork offers a fun and rewarding way for dogs to use their natural abilities, leading to mental stimulation, confidence-building, improved communication with you, and overall enrichment in their lives.

What’s covered

The beginner’s course consists of 6 x 50-minute classes.

The first class is for humans only and the rest are with your dog too.

Our location

Scentwork classes take place at 108th Pentland Scout Group Hall, Spylaw Street, Colinton, EH13 0JT.

Scentwork Course £140