New Puppy Program

My New Puppy Program is a manual on how to and what to do when you have a new puppy in your house or you want to get a puppy and be prepared in advance

Why you need it

You’ve got a puppy joining your family soon. But you don’t know where to start with preparations for puppy’s arrival. You want to have the best routine for you and your puppy. You want to know what kind of toys is the best and how to deal with puppy biting. These and a million other questions are swirling in your head.

What you get

My new Puppy Program covers everything there is you need to know about how to prepare yourself and your house for puppy’s arrival. I’ll teach you how to arrange your routine, how to start potty training, which accessories you need, puppy socialisation, what further training would be required and more.

My New Puppy Program Includes

consultation in
person or online

What’s covered

  • How to choose the right puppy for you
  • What you need to have ready for picking your puppy up from the breader
  • Preparing you for setting up the home for your puppy arrival
  • Sleeping arrangements for you and your puppy
  • Everything about crate training
  • Your puppy routines
  • Toilet training
  • What to buy your puppy to keep him/her safe and entertained
  • Toys
  • Enrichment
  • Exercise and equipment
  • How to deal with puppy nipping and biting, jumping up
  • Training and management to set your puppy up for success
  • Effective socialisation
  • Puppy play and interactions with people and dogs

Our location

We cover the whole of Edinburgh and surrounding areas for New Puppy Program Consultations

New Puppy
Program £80