Puppy Classes Level 2

To continue your pup’s education, to make their skills even more solid you and your pup can attend Puppy Classes Level 2.

The Classes Program

To join Puppy Classes Level 2, you need to have completed Puppy Classes Level 1 with me.

The Level 2 program includes the following:

  • Progression of the exercises from Level 1.
  • Continued work on loose lead walking, with new techniques to improve your walks.
  • Continued work on recall.
  • Learning how to handle the long line when practicing recall.
  • Exercises targeting engagement with you during walks.
  • The final (5th) class will take place in the park to practice some of the things we’ll learn in real-life situations.

What you get

  • 5 classes (one every Saturday), unless there is a specific schedule presented on this page
  • Written summaries and progression instructions after each class
  • Tailoring of the exercises if the puppy needs it
  • Real life training

Puppy Classes run over

minutes each

What’s covered

Puppy Classes Level 2

  • Real life Leave it
  • Loose lead walking
  • Engagement exercises
  • Recall
  • Recall on the long line
  • Sit with distractions
  • Lie down with distractions
  • More solid Stay
  • More solid Wait
  • Get in

Our location

Group Classes take place in a secluded garden in Colinton, Edinburgh. During winter months, classes are held indoors at Pentland Scout Hall, also in Colinton.

A block of Puppy
Classes Level 2 costs £110